No need for a long introduction here. Let’s jump right in with the second half of the great apps that I used as a college student.

11. Pocket

How many times have you scrolled through Facebook and clicked on a video only to find that it was several minutes long and that you didn’t have time to watch it. So, you bookmark, or you just hope you remember to watch later. The same thing goes with links your friends send you, online materials your instructors want you to view, etc. I was the same way until I found Pocket. Pocket simply allows you to store videos, links, and other items in a single place to be viewed later from any internet connected device.

12. IFTTT – If This Then That


This app syncs up with many apps and then reacts according to instructions it is given. For example, I used it to send a text message to me whenever somebody responded to or retweeted something I posted on Twitter.

13. Coursera


One thing I learned in college is that in some cases the only way to tackle hard material was to study as much as possible. This meant going beyond the assignments offered in class and accessing material independently in order to make sure I mastered what I needed to master. For me, Coursera was the best way to make this happen.

14. The Photo Cookbook


Dining hall food is lousy. Eating out every meal is impossible unless your parents are loaded. I figured out pretty quickly that my survival and my happiness hinged on my ability to learn how to cook. The Photo Cookbook app helped me to become a serviceable home cook with its easy to follow instructions and great photographs.

15. ALARMY (Sleep if U Can)

I hated early classes, but it seemed as if every semester I was forced to take one. That’s a real struggle for somebody who wasn’t a morning person in college, and who’s also a hard sleeper. ALARMY was a real life saver for me. There’s no snooze button here. Alarmy forces you out of bed to shake your phone or worse (better) out of bed to snap a picture.


16. is probably the website you hit up when you need the definition of a word as quickly as possible. The same goes for me. is popular for a reason, and using it as my go-to app for word lookups was a no-brainer.


17. Dragon Diction

If I was a hunt and peck typist, I’d actually be a faster typist than I am today. This is why I’ve used Dragon Diction for years to get my thoughts on paper without having to fight my clumsy fingers.


18. Groupon

What more can I say? Access to cheap deals on local dining and entertainment. This is a great app for any college student, and an even better app for one who is dating.


19. iTunes University

iTunes University provides students with access to the course materials from the best colleges and universities around. My particular college did not upload to iTunes University, but I did use the app on more than one occasion to find materials to supplement what I was learning.


20. Wi-Fi Finder

Unlike many of my more fortunate peers, I survived my college years without a smart phone. That meant that in order to stay connected while out and about, I had to rely on available Wi-Fi connections. Wi-Fi finder clued me in on where the hotspots were in my little college town.