I am a firm believer in using modern technology as a survival tool. I adopted this belief in college when I realized that these handy little utilities known as apps could make life much easier for me. Here are the first installment of 20 apps that I loved when I was in college.

1. Notella

Notella wasn’t the only note taking app that I used in college, but it was my go to when it came to taking impromptu notes in class. It has a nifty little feature that involves opening up a new note so that you can quickly type in those spur of the moment, “oh by the way” important bits of information professors tend to give out.

2. StudyBlue


From elementary school on, I’ve always loved using flashcards to commit information to memory. I used StudyBlue incollege to prep for nearly every test I had. Unlike other flashcard apps thatsimply cycle you through the same cards over and over again, StudyBlue actuallyrecognizes when you’ve clearly committed something to memory. This way, youonly study the cards that you still need to learn.

3. EasyBib


I always admired students who were organized enough to take down citation information while they were researching.I was just never one of those students. EasyBib is a great app for students likeme. Ready to start writing your citations? EasyBib just needs the title, and itwill pull in all of the information you need.

4. ToDoist


I’m one of those people who needs to write things down or else I am sure to forget. I pretty much relied on ToDoist as my go-to to do list app all through college. ToDoist is perfect for big projects,because it allows you to break things out into sub projects and tasks. It’salso great when it comes to daily lists of tasks. ToDoist allows you to set upreminders and even bookmark useful websites.

5. SelfControl


Okay, I’ll admit it. I have a wandering mind, and it caused me a lot of problems in college. In class lectures brought out the worst in me, because it was so easy to grab my phone and scroll through Tumblr or surreptitiously peek at Reddit. In most cases it wasn’t a big deal, I could just pick up what I needed to learn in the book or online. However, there were times when I knew I really needed to listen to a lecture closely. This was when I used SelfControl to lock out tempting websites so I had to listen inclass.

6. Circle of 6


Circle of 6 is the only app on this listthat I never actually used myself, but I’m glad it exists. This is a personalsafety app that I believe everybody regardless of age or gender should have ontheir device. With circle of 6, if you are ever in a situation that feelsdangerous, you can use the app to contact 6 trusted people with your locationand a message to come and get you.

7. Ted


What could be more beneficial to a college student than an app that provides access to lectures from some of the most interesting, forward thinking, geniuses of modern times? Download this app and expose yourself to some real brilliance.

8. XMind


I had no idea what mind mapping was until my junior year of college. I learned the technique in a study group and I’ve been hooked ever since. XMind is, in my opinion, the best utility there is for mind mapping. So good in fact, that it’s worth only having desktop access to this tool.

9. Mint


One of the most important things I learned during my college years was how to make and keep a budget. Mint made thisprocess extraordinarily easy for me. In fact, it is still my preferred moneymanagement app today.

10. ISlick


I had high-quality tastes in college when it came to electronics and other items. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a high-quality budget. ISlick helped me on more than one occasion by turning me on to some great deals.